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Lyngdorf is Steinway Lyngdorf's sister brand that shares many of the family features including stunning musical sound quality and their unique RoomPerfect EQ™. RoomPerfect is the best room EQ system and adjusts to each room's unique acoustics without the need for any specialised sound treatment. Lyngdorf have created a range of beautifully-engineered loudspeakers, amplifiers and electronics. We recommend you listen to the Lyngdorf 3400 Integrated Amplifier, our favourite under £10,000.

The collaboration with Steinway in 2007 lead to the formation of the high tech line of audio products under the Steinway Lyngdorf name. We are a proud provider of both Lyndorf and Steinway Lyndorf products.

There there are additional optional extras for the TDAI-3400 that enable it to become the hub with a video switching board (HDMI, 4K and HDR) and a high-end analogue input board to connect a turntable without the need for a separate record player phono stage.