A brand like no other.

Since its inception in 1949, McIntosh has been at the centre of iconic moments in musical history. McIntosh was a system powering the Woodstock festival, the presidential plane Air Force One and the stereo amplifier that helped Bryan Wilson of the Beach Boys master Pet Sounds.

Uniquely American, the ultimate grunge brand famous for its retro design, a mixture of valve and transistor technology. Each amplifier has a striking retro appearance with the prominent blue watt meter, with exposed vacuum tubes working to add power to create a satisfying sound. We are delighted that this classic manufacturer is enjoying a major revival.

We love the valve sound for its warmth, for its low distortion and perhaps even more the way that the valves glow when we listen to our favourite music.

Robert Taussig

McIntosh brings all the luxury of valve equipment to our clients who love the sound, but don't wish to indulge with the historical maintenance associated with the technology.