The art of cinema

From a multipurpose family room to a dedicated cinema, we are your one-stop shop for creating the finest cinema experience at home.

The glory of a cinema projector isn't to compete with a tv for brightness or instant gratification, most are rather bulky. The beauty lies in the complete film experience; the dimming of the lights, the scale of the image recapturing the large cinema and the immersion into an esoteric world comprising just you and the movie. Despite that it works perfectly as a social experience for the big sporting event. Not convinced? Come and experience the best at our showroom.

Robert Taussig

The most musical system

The very best domestic cinema comes via Steinway Lyngdorf whose roots are deeply entrenched in the grandest of grand pianos. Steinway Lyngdorf have created speakers that look stunning and unlike any other cinema system I have heard, sound musical with a unique wide and expansive sound which makes it ideal for a wide variety of cinema systems. Please come and hear the Steinway Lyngdorf S-15 system.

Robert Taussig

Room-filling sound

For the very largest dedicated cinema space in the home, where budget is not the prime issue, we look to Wisdom and their unique line source speaker system projects the sound uniformly across the room eliminating floor and ceiling reflection. Their compact in ceiling speaker, the ICS7a, is the best flush in ceiling speaker we have ever heard. Designed as part of their cinema system, we strongly recommend simply as a pure music speaker when free standing speakers are not an option.

We learn from our clients. Recently we have been working on a cinema for a UK film producer. His brief was specific — “I want the image to be as large as possible” — so we specified a screen a 3.5m screen, almost ¾ the width of the room. He asked, “Why not the whole wall?” 5.25m x 2.95m. Our initial reaction was that it would be overpowering but it was his decision. Our concerns that it would be too intense were unfounded, the result was sensational.

Robert Taussig

Made for performance

Enhanced acoustics and
multi-format screens

Luxurious hand-made
tiered seating

Cinematic cove lighting

Robert Taussig

Acoustic treatment

To feel immersed in the cinema space we finely adjust the acoustics of the room. Each setup is purpose built for uncompressed movies. Sound treatment is used to enhance the accoustic properties of the room, fine-tuning the setup to achieve the perfect sound.

Robert Taussig

Reference grade

We do it right, better than you can possibly dream of. Dedicated cinema seating more luxurious than any other cinema. When the lights go out, you will forget where you are and become completely immersed in the ultimate sound and vision experience. Opt for D Box to deliver a haptic response, energising the seat beneath you to the soundtrack of the movie.

Robert Taussig

Accept no compromise

We use the very best products, from Steinway Lyngdorf to Sony Laser Projectors and Kaleidescape uncompressed movies. Though our focus is purely audio-visual, we can also arrange the installation of luxurious hand-crafted seating and fixtures from the finest furniture manufacturers.