Home Cinema Furniture

Though our focus is primarily audio-visual, we can also install luxurious hand-crafted seating and fixtures from the finest furniture manufacturers. Choose from a catalogue of meticulously crafted high-end furniture tailor-made to your discerning taste.

Firstly consider how the room will be used, the size of the space and how many people you would like to entertain. Plan it yourself, or let us do this for you. A living room can be designed with maximum flexibility in mind. For the ultimate experience we install dedicated tiered cinema seating, more luxurious than any that you have experienced

Multipurpose living room

In a living room, casual entertainment may take precedence over dedicated film viewing. Each sofa sets the scene for a medley of different uses. If the kids are gaming, we could leave space at the front for bean bags close to the screen. Sharing a sports event with friends could include a bar for larger rooms, with walkways from the kitchen to the living room.

The best media room or multi-purpose living room should make laid-back languor effortless. The furniture is sumptuous with exquisite sophistication and aesthetics in mind. We are a proponent of innately elegant furniture that doesn’t take over the room.

Find a balance between chaise lounges and sofas that create a comfortable space for the whole family. Seating is modular – detach an armrest and another chair can be added, creating beautiful chains of seating that can accommodate any room size.

Ultimate customisation

Material customisation is fully bespoke, from real and faux leathers to suedes, velvets, and even cashmere the furniture can be clad in any fabric you can conceive. An example of two customisations, from Mulliner stitched arms, embossing, and wooden inserts, we can also create a completely personal range of seating from the fabric you choose.

You just won't be able to find this level of luxury home theatre cinema seating anywhere else in the world. Of course, these cinema seats come with all the accessories, from refrigerated drinks holders to charging ports, and leather satchels for storage.

Cinema layout

What really sets cinema furniture apart is the distinctive designs tailor made for dedicated viewing. A cinema room is a fixed arrangement designed to deliver the best audio visual experience. Position is paramount as this dictates the best performance and we consider your seating position in relation to the speaker arrangement.

The ideal layout places seating three-quarters from the end of the room. But don’t worry if you have room size constraints as we can make the perfect automatic adjustments via RoomPerfect by Steinway Lyngdorf to ensure that the furniture works in harmony.

Opt for D Box to deliver a haptic response, energising the seat beneath you to the soundtrack of the movie.

Naturally for those looking for a traditional cinema feel we can create tiered seating, built up from the floor. At this stage it’s good to consider if you have underfloor heating, or plan to install this in the future, we will accommodate within the infrastructure.