At Robert Taussig, we seek to provide the highest quality service, regardless of whether you are looking for a single room system or a fully integrated smart home renovation.

We take the time to listen, to answer your questions and to demonstrate the various systems before preparing a design perfectly in tune with your needs and wishes.


We begin the process with an in-depth consultation to understand your aspirations, your requirements and to gain an understanding of the scale of the project.

We then work closely with you and your team to fine tune the design, including us early in your renovation plans will ensure the right infrastructure is in place from the outset with nothing overlooked.


Our design team will provide you with a detailed specification and a design proposal — the blueprint for your dream system. This will include schematic drawings, a floor-plan locating equipment, connections and control to key positions in your home, dimensions for each piece of equipment and an outline of our specifications for contractors. All technologies are considered, from audio-visual to lighting & window treatment, heating, data, door entry and control, with everything future-proofed as far as is possible.

Project management

Communication is paramount to Robert Taussig — we speak the language of the trade, the language of design and most importantly, one that you can understand. Our dedicated project manager will oversee the process from beginning to end, working with you and your contractors to ensure you have complete confidence and peace of mind throughout the project. Our project design lead is on-hand to answer your questions and implement any changes to the design, while our on-site technical manager acts as liaison between the design team and the site, overseeing delivery and installation. For custom install and 2-channel audio Robert Taussig and the sales team are there with you from the beginning of the project until completion and beyond.


Our team of specialist engineers install all our systems from scratch. From creating clearly labelled control panels to seamlessly connecting each system, they are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service. Handover is straightforward, with all control panels personalised for ease of use.


At Robert Taussig, we pride ourselves on our aftercare. Our team is available any time to offer advice and technical assistance. We know your systems better than anyone, so if you mislay your manual, we will write you a new one; if you have any questions, we will be delighted to take your call. We love speaking to clients and sharing our expertise and will explain anything that needs explaining. As an option we can manage your system remotely, so you may rest easy knowing it is in the best possible hands.