Home Cinema Television

From the discrete to the imposing, there’s a television that suits your lifestyle and viewing habits

Minimalist approach

Choosing where to place the television is the bane of interior designers. LG has created a television to please all. The Posé has a quiet neutral look with its textile covered frame and subtle curved form. The rear fold down media shelf is a clever feature.

The richest picture

We were particularly impressed by the 2023 LG Gallery range. It’s super slim, super bright but with a rich realistic lifelike quality. To our eyes, this is the best screen currently available.

Cinema size

A large screen tv may be more convenient and simpler to use than a projector, and the best OLED is now available up to 97” diagonal offering the closest any tv can get to the cinema experience even in daylight. Rich, detailed and with black levels going deep down.

Screen resolution

We are not convinced about 8K. There is no readily available content and it may be a format that we pass over and look forward to the next big step.

Gaming and latency

If you’re a gamer whether you have a Playstation, Xbox or PC, minimising latency is vital as it prevents interruptions in online multiplayer. All our OLEDs will actually improve older gaming consoles, while complimenting the latest generation. New OLEDs featuring 2.1 VRR HDMI will increase your refresh rate. This is usually 120Hz, superior to the standard 60Hz.