Home Cinema Projectors

The glory of a cinema projector isn't to compete with a tv for brightness or instant gratification, most are rather bulky. The beauty lies in the complete film experience; the dimming of the lights, the scale of the image recapturing the large cinema and the immersion into an esoteric world comprising just you and the movie. Despite that it works perfectly as a social experience for the big sporting event. Not convinced? Come and experience the best at our showroom.

Ultra short throw

Over the past couple of years ultra short throw projectors have taken off - bridging the gap between a giant tv and a cinema projector. The ultra short throw model is a great problem solver as it can be installed a few centimetres from the screen or wall and produce a 120” wide ultra high definition image.

Leica have just announced their Cine 1 and the result is stunning. The Leica lens produces an image that is so so so superior to that of any of their competitors but it’s the rest of the package that helps justify its high price. The combination of an excellent smart platform and a great built in speaker help, but the beautiful Leica design and build is what sets it apart.

Long throw

Choose long throw projectors where the image is projected at long distances, often from six feet upwards which is quite suitable for large media rooms and dedicated cinema rooms. Just take a look at the latest Sony VPL-XW5000ES and VPL-XW7000ES Laser 4k projectors. One of the finest in home cinema 4K projectors, ultra bright with stunning clarity. 2,200 lumens of brightness powerfully deliver stunning clarity, achieving an extraordinary level of picture performance even in larger home cinema rooms.