A quintessentially British brand with timeless, minimalist design.

Naim create products that are built to last. Founded in 1969 in Wiltshire, UK by Julian Vereker, a racing car driver, entrepreneur and part-time engineer with a deep passion for music.

Emphasising the importance of build quality, Naim continues to produce a range of iconic products in the pursuit of audio excellence. The study and appreciation of sound is essential to the Naim process, each product is developed drawing upon the wealth of knowledge accumulated over four decades of sound research.

Naim gains 5 star reviews for virtually every single product in their portfolio.

Robert Taussig

Whether creating a complete system or taking your first steps into a creating a two-channel hi-fi setup, you will find unparalleled clarity, tone and musical depth.

Put simply, streaming is the future of music. The Naim streaming platform include but are not limited to Airplay 2, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, USB, highres UPnP streaming and iRadio, you can enjoy wireless listening that sounds like a live performance.