An acoustic and engineering tour de force, Goldmund blends audio with design pared down to the bare minimum.

From the MoMA exhibition of the Apologue speaker in 1987, Goldmund treat their products as pieces of functional art. Hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, not far from the CERN laboratories, the expert collaboration between artists and engineers come together to produce high-fidelity audio products that look as good as they sound.

Among Goldmund's unique range, the brand boasts an impressive choice of active speaker systems. The Prana, with its simple stacking of cubes supported a z-frame is a design classic. For convenience, Prana can be used both wired or wireless. We recommend pairing with a Goldmund Mimesis preamplifier for the ultimate setup.

As you may have gathered by now, at Robert Taussig we love simplicity, and hi-fi doesn't come simpler than the Telos NextGen 7 Amplifier. With it's three way input selector and beautifully engineered volume control on the front panel, this amplifier sounds stunning.