Anyone with an interest in vinyl should know about Clearaudio.

With a wide range of turntables, from the minimalistic Concept to the truly stunning Statement, there is a turntable for every music lover. Each turntable is hand-built in Germany. The lead time to order is long, but it is well worth the wait.

The Clearaudio Concept is the coolest turntable made. With simple clean lines and minimalist styling, it is also the most affordable in their range.

Robert Taussig

The Statement represents an otherworldly design and listening experience. With a limited number of models produced this turntable is one of the most ambitious products of its kind. The result of a carte-blanche approach to design is a chassis that comprises bullet-proof Panzerholz wood, featuring a solid steel 80kg pendulum that works with a self-levelling system to eliminate the slightest vibration. The Statement explores new frontiers in music reproduction, showcasing the brand's ability to engineer products at the highest level.

However, a premium turntable doesn't have to cost a small fortune to deliver distortion free playback with great sound quality. We recommend turntables that come pre-made for a hassle-free setup, most Clearaudio models can be customised to your heart's delight.