Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins is a performance-driven audio brand, reproducing sound accurate to the way the artist intended in a live setting.

A favourite among recording studios including Abbey Road Studios in London, this British heritage brand aims to produce sound with unheard realism.

Radical experiments encompass Bowers & Wilkins' history, with the natural world being inspiration for the snail-like continuous curve of the Nautilus loudspeaker created in 1993. Regarded as one of the most beautiful loudspeakers ever made, Nautilus still influences the brand's loudspeaker design today.

For those who like speaker systems to be seen as well heard, the venerable 800 Series Diamond is just that. The contoured body is distinctive, especially with the large floor-standing models that fit well inside most living rooms and deliver a rich sound.

The 800 series is a landmark event for Bowers & Wilkins. This is a benchmark in the most advanced range of loudspeakers. Endowed with every new technology the 800 Series Diamond delivers reference grade audio.

Exquisite finishes are available for loudspeakers that look as beautiful as they sound. Each pair of speakers is unique, with no two models sharing the same grain pattern.