Sonus Faber

Italian elegance in high-end audio.

The Sonus Faber range is about flair, rich sound and power in every category. A Italian designer of handcrafted speakers and other high-end audio equipment based in Veneto, Italy. The name Sonus Faber is derived from a Latin phrase, literally translated as “handcrafted sound,” which makes for a perfect description of the products manufactured by this company.

The Omnia is a ready-to-go all in one music system with a high quality sound with a fuss-free setup. Play your music from a wide range of digital and analogue connections as well as wireless.

In the 2-channel category Sonus Faber is unparalleled. The Olympica Nova Collection features an iconic sleek design in precious curved wood – the quality and detail of the finish is akin to fine furniture. The floor-standing models have a wide audio range and excellent clarity.