British audio specialists Ruark produce the very best in table-top radio. Their products eschew a timeless design with natural hand-crafted wooden grilles.

For many, radio is the preferred form of entertainment throughout the day and Ruark provide the perfect combination of traditional radio and state of the art streaming.

I’m meant to be an expert about all things technical. Or at least that’s what my clients expect. I have been doing this for long enough to be able to admit what I don’t know and I do have a great team who I can tap for information about all those blanks in my knowledge.

Frequently I am asked for advice to source a great sounding radio. The customer then goes onto add that it must be simple and really it’s only required for BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4. I point them to Ruark who make a small range of great sounding radios in a satisfying retro style.

FM and Dab radio plus a few extras for good measure such as Bluetooth and occasionally a cd player. But for basic radio, they are simple to use and sound great.

Robert Taussig
Robert Taussig